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Our Professional Services extend to structural inspections which include soil investigations, the structural integrity of foundations, concrete slabs, safety and functionality of swimming pools, lapa and roof inspections.

Wolf Professional Services participate in forensic investigations and work with insurance companies for claims involving structural defects.

Meet our Professional Roof Inspectors who are available to assist in the following areas:

Ernst Wolfaardt (PrTech Eng)

Ernst has been in the roofing industry for approximately18 years.
He is presently a specialist forensic investigator of roof failures.


His extensive experience includes truss plant management and roof structure designs.

Contact Ernst on: 082 878 0774 
or send an email:

Ernst Wolfaardt, Consulting Engineer and Roof Inspections
Daniel Van Dyk

Daniel started his career in the timber industry in 1971.  


Previously the Building Inspector at Newcastle Municipality from 1999 until the middle of 2015.

Contact Daniel on: 082 926 9537
or send an email:

Clayton Tiley

Clayton started in the roofing industry in 1989, 2019 marks his 30th year in the industry.

Clayton consults to various parties such as insurance companies, manufacturers of roof coverings, consulting engineers and architects for design purposes as well as independent product checks and reporting. Consultation is also undertaken for financial institutions from a roofing perspective, before bond approval, etc.

Contact Clayton on: 074 743 0250
or send an email:

Quinton Stander

His work centers around the construction industry, specialising in roofing. 


Previous experience with contractors, Sinethemba Construction and Buco Honeydew.


Currently, his tasks relate to roof construction and Fitment, i.e. estimation and design.  Also do site management and general administrative duties pertaining to the technical departments.

Contact Quinton on:  072 695 7466
or send an email:

Munsamy Govender (Rajen)

Rajen started working in the roofing industry in 1983 as a Junior estimator with a company called Lovens Roofing.


In 1985 he joined Pinetown Roofing as a designer until 1988 when he decided to open his own company viz, Tongaat Roofing and then later together with his son North Coast Roofing until 2014, thereafter joining the team at Roofing & General (Pty) Ltd.


Rajen has great knowledge and experience in the Roofing Industry and has also completed an A19 Roof Inspector course with Gavin Brown & Associates.


Rajen consults to various parties such as Architects and Building Site Managers. Rajen is currently working for Roofing & General (Pty) Ltd and is permanently based in Durban, KZN.

Contact Rajen on:  082 260 0393
or send an email:

Victor Hughes

Victor is currently working at Central Roof Industries since October 2013.


Previously he worked at Katz Roofs & Bricks from 1999 to 2013, and a roof inspector from 2012 to 2013.


Victor has experience in :




And ITS truss systems design programs

Contact Victor on:  076 635 5958
or send an email:

Kenny Gordon

Kenny is currently working at Central Roof Industries, since October 2013,

as a rep and customer service on site & sales


Previously he workedat Katz Roofs & Bricks from 1990 until 2013. During 2012-2013, Kenny did roof inspections.


Contact Kenny on:  076 635 5832
or send an email:

Jurgens Olivier

Jurgens has been in the roofing industry for approximately 20 years, starting his career as a draughtsman in 1983.

His experience includes estimation and design for various systems, Truss Plant Management and Roofing Installations.


He has completed various engineering courses, including the Timber Roof Inspector's workshop, presented by Wolf Professional Services.


He is registered with NABISA as a Home Inspector (Building Condition Assessor).

He is registered with ITC as a Timber Roof Truss Designer.

He has completed training at the South African Home Inspection Training Academy in the following fields:


  • SA Building Envelope - legal & design framework, sub-structure, super-structure & roof, finishes and services

  • Home Inspection Methodology.

Contact Jurgens on:  084 919 1670
or send an email:

Jurgens Olivier Roof Inspector
Stephen Gary White

Stephen has many years of experience in the roof truss industry, both in design and manufacture of the timber roof trusses as well as the onsite work where fitting of the roof is involved. 

After +-20 years Stephen has offered roofing solutions under a different umbrella and in 2017 Stephen decided to take a leap of faith and start his own company, Highveld Roofing.


Stephen provides professional service and advice to his customers to ensure that their expectations are being met.

Contact Stephen on: 082 657 3523 or send an email:

Stephen Gary White
Jacques Lewis

Jacques' has extensive career experience spanning 32 years.

Starting his career in 1988, he worked for various systems and is well versed in site measuring, running sites and working with carpenters and engineers, giving technical advice regarding trusses on site.

He attends site meetings for large projects and planning, provides estimates, designs and detailed layouts.

Jacques also provides training on software and truss design, assists with the setup and layout of Truss Factories (for better productivity), as his experience includes having

manufactured trusses in a factory previously, to build trusses and erect on site.

Contact Jacques on: 082 782 4731 or email:

Stephen Gary White
John Stuart

John has 38 years experience in building trade. 32 years experience in roof truss industry - estimating, design and roof erection fields.

John's career started at Murray and Roberts where he studied as resident engineer between 1980-1987. Main projects:

Reserve Bank, Pretoria

Men-lyn Shopping Centre, Pretoria

Additions to Mine, Ellisras


His experience includes working at Federated Timbers (1987-1995) as a technical advisor and plant manager.

John then established JSR roofing, a truss manufacturing company, between 1995 and 2016  as Director/Owner. 

From 2016 to 2020 he was the manager of MS Roofs, a truss manufacturing company. He is now with Highveld Roofing (2020) as a Roof Consultant to clients.

Contact John on: 083 457 8860
or send an email:

J Stuart.jpg
Lionel Pillay

Lionel started his career in the industry at Lakeview Roofing in 2003 as an Estimator, REP and Manager.


In 2011 Lionel joined Alpine Automation South Africa, as a designer.


He moved to Dezign A Roof in 2012 as a site foreman on all sites.


In 2013, Lionel joined TNT Roofing Erectors where he currently works as a site supervisor.

Contact Lionel on: 081 450 2630
or send an email:

Japie Wolfaardt

Japie has an extensive career and was project manager for various plants of Ericssons in Africa. 


Japie was also an electrical site supervisor in his younger years.  His is currently one of the directors at Kimpies Huts where he is responsible for the designs and build of tiny homes.

Contact Japie on: 083 376 4783
or send an email:

Kim Clemence-Wolfaardt

Kim has been project manager, logistic managers, regional distribution manager, sourcing category manager and management consultant for various big companies taking her all over the world, including England, New Zealand, Australia and Africa.

Contact Kim on: 083 419 9341
or send an email:

Andries Rudolph

Andries has been a private builder and renovator for the last few years.


He has recently completed his Timber Roof Practical at Brayton’s Timber.

Contact Andries on: 078 243 7362 or email:

Andries Rudolph Roof Inspector
Siphiwe Shongwe

Siphiwe Shongwe holds a Multi-Disciplinary Draughting National Certificate as well as an Architectural Draughting diploma. He has been in the Roofing industry since 2006 spanning through 2 Truss systems and various companies.


He started as an estimator and then truss System designer and technical support officer. He is currently a design office manager. He regularly visits sites, liaises with Architects, Engineers, Erectors etc. to source and/or to find information and amicable solutions as well as implement them on-site.

He has been trained to use truss system design software from Multinail, ITS, Alpine Automation and MiTek as well as Autodesk AutoCAD, Revit and Inventor. He has attended various timber/engineering design courses ranging from basic to advanced. His passion lies in providing quality service, safe designs and enforcing good practice in roof erection ethics.

He is trained and certified by Wolf Professional Services to Inspect Timber Roof Structures. Inspections are done under the banner of his private company known as Shomanz Roofing Consultants (PTY) Ltd. which also offers roof truss designs, site drawings on consultation basis, house plans, 3D modelling and various draughting services.

Contact Siphiwe on: 071 613 7685 or email:

Stefan Bosman

Stefan started his career while still at school, working in 1998 during school holidays at a truss plant where some of his duties included loading trucks, order pricing and assisting with manufacturing trusses.


He worked at various Truss Plants after leaving school, working his way up from a junior estimator, to a designer and finally manager of a Truss Plant.  His experience includes a Technical Support Officer at Truss Software System.

Contact Stefan on: 084 767 4013 or send an email:

Stephen Gary White
At Wolf Professional Services, we have developed an App to provide fast and efficient reporting by all our Roof Inspectors 
Watch the App in action here
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